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Some of the services we offer include but are not limited to :
  • House clearance - full or partial
  • Garage clearance
  • Garden and shed clearances
  • Barn clearances
  • Shop clearances
How do we work out our quotes ?
When we give you an estimate for a clearance job it is based on the size of the property or area, the volume of contents to be cleared, the distance away from our base and ease of accessibility. We do not charge VAT.
If the contents of the area or property to be cleared has no resale value we will charge you for the clearance, we will give you a quote for clearing the property or area this quote will include our cost for tipping at a local recycling centre or waste site, or the cost of skips and will also include our labour costs. 
If there are antiques or collectables among the items to be cleared we will take this into consideration when we give the quote and offset the amount charged for the clearance.
When we are clearing the property or area if we find valuable personal items, photographs or documents we will keep these for you to view and check through . 
If you don't need our clearance services but have any antiques or collectables that you are interesting in selling please contact us as we may be interested in buying individual items from you.



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